R&D Bee Launches

Hello! Welcome to R&D Bee – where we work with companies large and small to take care of the process they go through to apply for and receive research and development credits from the HMRC.

Shane and I (Nikolay) co-founded Taylor & Hart and in our early days, the funding we received through consecutive successful R&D claims made an enormous difference to our ability to grow our business (Taylor & Hart), and at times, even to survive.

Initially we worked with a third-party partner to do our claim but we soon realised that they did not have the technical expertise to really understand what we were doing, and in the end, we did most of the work and paid them a large fee for doing very little.

We realised this presented an opportunity for us to come up with a service that would be vastly superior and easier to use compared to the services of traditional R&D claim companies.

With his experience running our operations and finances at Taylor & Hart as CFO, Shane knows how to extract the most value from the claim. Prior to being my business partner, Shane completed his ACA with Deloitte and graduated from the University of Manchester.

So here we are, ready to work closely with you to help you complete your R&D claim as quickly and effortlessly as possible, so you can focus on your business and have the funds to do so.

We look forward to working with you.

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